Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Annoying Canadians

Yesterday we went to a pot luck birthday party for one of the Japanese girls.  Although I saw most of them on the day that we picked up our girls for the first time, this was the first time that I spent any quality time with any of the host Canadians.

This might sound all judge-y and negative, but I didn't like them.  I thought that, as a whole, they made apoor impression and I wasn't happy that they were the people representing our country.  Frankly, they seemed like white trash to me.

For example, the "dishes" that everybody brought to the pot luck consisted of 10 bags of chips or Dorritos, 3 macaroni salads - two pre-made at the grocery store, some beans, three pots of rice and a spinach salad.  Take a wild guess who brought the spinach salad? (Me.)

There was a lady there who had a 2 month old baby.  She waved that baby around like it was an accessory and not a human being.  After a while, I had to get up and move because there was only so many times that I could smile, coo, or say how cute she was.  Except, shortly after I moved, the boyfriend - not the father - took the baby, sat beside me and started to feed her formula.  He then spent the next 10 minutes telling me that even though he'd only known her for a few weeks, he felt like her father.  And look - she had blue eyes, just like him.

I got up again and started to clean up.  We'd been there a half hour... the others, who had arrived about an hour before us, all got up and left and made no move to help with the cleanup.  I spend over an hour cleaning others' messes.  I had to really watch myself at that point, not to be the cranky b!tch I felt like being.

Shortly before bed, Mayu  told me that she'd been invited to go to the house where her friend is staying.  She didn't know where they live, how they'd get there or how she'd get home but I didn't want to say she couldn't go.  This morning, we talked about it again and I told her I'd meet her at school so that I could talk to the other host mom.  If you can believe it, that host mom was a no show - she didn't pick up her girl from school... just left her hanging with no phone call to the school or anything.  In fact, she didn't even pick up her cell when we tried to call.

We stood around and waited for over a 45 minutes before the program director finally decided to take Mayu's friend home (and hope there would be somebody there to let her in).  I do realize that Mayu is 16, relatively independent and intelligent but there's no way I'm letting her go there.  So, instead, I told her friend that she could come to my house for pizza tomorrow.  I'll have to call the other host mom tonight and make arrangements.   I'm a little afraid she won't pick her up then either, but I guess the worst that will happen then is that the girls will have a sleep over.

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