Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pizza Night

Tonight I had three Japanese girls and Jen over for pizza.  Jen was running a little late, so the girls and I entertained ourselves by practicing Italian.  I recently bought a phrase book for my visit in Italy.  I'd say a phrase in English, they'd translate to Japanese and then I'd slaughter the otherwise beautiful Italian language.

How sad is it that "I want a kiss" and "are you gay?" are at the front of the  phrase book?  Not far behind it was "leave me alone" and "stop bothering me".  Come to think of it, if I knew that the book contained a section for Romance, I might have chosen another one.

Before I serve the Japanese girls anything, I give them small tastes.  Tonight, I gave them some ground bison that I'd cooked earlier... I didn't think to warn them.  While they were chewing (after they said it was good) I told them it was buffalo.  Mayu choked in her surprise, and then got a case of the giggles that lasted a good ten minutes.  I guess they learned about the wild buffalos that used to roam Canada in school today, but she never guessed that we'd eat it.

Photos were taken of dinner tonight, which I'm learning is a good sign.  One girl, Nanako, took pictures of my kitchen to show her mom... I hope she doesn't think I'm a slob, as I was in the middle of making pizza dough, and had all the toppings chopped up and spread out.  There were also many, many shots of the dogs, and for some reason, the dogs toys.  José (Tallulah's pet rat) seemed to fascinate them, and was featured in many pictures - with and without Tallulah. 

Tomorrow, I get a lesson in cooking Sushi.  I was worried when I heard that, but I've been assured that it can and often is made without fish.  I will have to report back about that, because I thought sushi was a fish dish by definition.

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