Friday, August 10, 2012


Walking my dogs last night, I encountered a lady with an offleash JRT. I called out to say that my dogs aren't friendly, and ask her to leash hers. She didn't. It charged us. I picked up Cotton, who went Ballistic, and asked her to come get her dog NOW. She wandered my way. I backed away from her dog, the JRT followed and snapped. We were cornered. I yelled out (in maybe not such a nice manner) for her to hurry up. Nothing. So, I turned around, kicked back and booted the dog in the chops. It yipped and ran away. Then she said... wait for it... you shouldn't have such aggressive dogs.


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  1. i have 3 selective dogs, they have to be room rotated. they can never be in the same room. and i rescue dogs from shelters that sell dogs to class b dealers who sell dogs to pharmaceutical companies and universities for vivisection research. they do this in Michigan, where its legal. 1. i had my dog out in the backyard and the neighbor let them chi run the fence. my dog was fine, because the dog was smaller, but you never know. i tried to tell her to get her dog back cause the dog was running circles around mine. mine is 70 lbs. 2. i was walking my dog and about 50ft down or somebody let their yellow dog out the door, unleashed. i was callling to him, saying my dog is selective, to call his dog back. the guy laughed at me. people have to realize their dog may be friendly, but other friendly dogs may be selective and only get along w/some dogs or have to be the only dog.