Friday, August 17, 2012


I've been eating lots of food from the garden and farmers' markets lately.  This week, I've been all about tomato salads.

I managed to track down some fresh (soft) mozza, so I tried to make a caprese salad first.

You may notice in this first salad that the tomato is kind of funky looking.  I accidentally bought a genetically altered  plant for tomatoes without seeds.   They aren't very good - they have less taste than grocery store tomatoes, so I think the rest of them will be saved for a sauce or something.

The basil is also from my garden, and it's so delicious that I can't get enough.  So, I tried again with the wee cherry tomatoes that came from another plant.

They were delicious, but their size prevented the typical look of a caprese salad.  So, instead I added other veggies and drizzled some fresh lime juice and olive oil over them.  YUM.

I suspect I'll have the same for dinner tonight, all over again.

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