Thursday, September 13, 2012


About three weeks ago, there was a small crack in the sidewalk in front of my house.  Rather than patch it, the city tore out about 15' of sidewalk.  They then dug down about 8', then repacked the hole to ensure that the new sidewalk had a good base.

While digging the hole, they realized that the ground was kind of wet.  They investigated, and concluded that the water main out front had a slow leak somewhere under the road.

So, they ripped out the entire road.

It's now been three weeks of 12-14 hour days of construction out front... every single day, except when I left for a while to go to Kelowna.  It's loud.  It's stinky.  There are many times when I'm tempted to go to the basement to check the foundation because the house has been shaking so hard.

Tonight, they are asphalting the new road.  I hope that's a sign that they'll be done soon.  I know the work needs to be done (I wonder if the leaking water main contributed to my annual water problems in the basement?)  and it's probably a good sign that the city is being so diligent.   But I can't say that it's been fun to be around.

And, as a side note, the road in front of my house has been closed most of the time that this has been going on.  They closed it while I was in Kelowna, and since my car was parked in the garage at the time, it's been stuck.  I work from home, and can walk just about everywhere I need to go, so it hasn't been a problem.  However, there's a work.... thing...  tomorrow.  It's a lunch in a park across town.  I'm not normally somebody who enjoys the forced social activities through work, so I was going to opt out.  Then I learned that my executive director would be driving down from Edmonton to attend, and it'd be noticeable if I didn't attend.  So, now I feel like I need to attend, but I don't know if I'll be able to get my car out of the garage.  

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  1. Construction unsettles me.
    They have to let peeps out of their houses!