Friday, September 14, 2012

New Bird Feeder

  1. Buy Bird Feeder
  2. Buy seed
  3. Dig out tall post from pile of wood in the garage.
  4. Find shovel
  5. Dig out old plants 
  6. Find better shovel
  7. Remove shovelful of dirt.  Pile it to the side
  8. Remove second shovelful of dirt.  Pile it to the side.  Watch it slide back into the hole.
  9. Get pail.
  10. Remove shovelful of dirt and pour it all over the grass while trying to put it in pail.
  11. Bend down on hands and knees and scoop out loose dirt into pail.
  12. Use shovel and hands to loosen up/scoop out more dirt, about 18" deep.  
  13. Realized that some idiot involved in nearby (past) construction left cement where you want the post.  
  14. Fill hole, decide to use plant hook instead of mounting feeder on a post.
  15. Find Plant Hook in Garage.
  16. Find drill and extension cord.
  17. Turn on lights because it's dark outside.
  18. Mark spots on fencepost to attach hook.
  19. Stretch out extension cord across deck, down the side of the railing, around the trees and across yard.
  20. Go to plug it in and realize you've got the wrong end.  
  21. Flip extension cord around and plug it in.
  22. Unwrap screws that came with plant hook and start to screw plant hook into fence post.
  23. Strip *&#;%^ screws upon first contact with the drill
  24. Set drill and plant hook on ground.  
  25. Leave extension cord, bird feeder, screw driver, shovels and pail where they are.  
  26. Go inside.  
  27. Give up.
Update:  Try again in the morning.


  1. My 27 would have been make large vodka tonic and THEN give up. Glad you finally got it up. It's very pretty!