Saturday, September 15, 2012

Working it out

I'm a ducks in a row kind of person.  I want things organized ahead of time, and I want to know what to expect, what I'll need to do to do and when.

My aunt heard from somebody that it's easier to buy train tickets in person in Italy than it is to do it online.  This is what she wants to do.  I want my tickets reserved so that I don't end up hitchhiking across Italy when all the trains are full or we can't figure out their ticket system.

We've gone back and forth about this a few times.  We've sent each other articles from Trip Advisor, supporting our opposing views.  We've talked to people who have been there, gotten their opinions and passed them on.  Both of us have offered to refund the other if our method ends up costing more, but neither has changed her mind.

Today, I finally capitulated... with a condition.  We'll buy our train tickets after we get there.  But, if we get to Italy and the trains are full; if we can't figure out the ticket dispensing machines or nobody who speaks English is around to help us, my Aunt will be in charge.  I'll find a chair, sit down, put my feet on the luggage and read a book while she figures it out.

I can do this, because I know she understands.  She's an older version of me, and if the tables were turned, she'd do the same.  I know she'd laugh.  Or, more likely, she'd take a picture and send it to everybody that knows us.  This is why I picked her as a travel partner.

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