Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Nut Job Challenge - first submission

The Zadge challenged me to see who could date the worst nut job through online dating.  

East Coast guy called last night.  He's the guy who I chatted with last weekend.  He seemed promising, but then he flew out to visit family out east, so we didn't have a chance to meet in person yet.  We've talked a few times, and I was starting to conclude that this maybe isn't the guy for me.   He comes across as a nice guy, but my heebie jeeby senses have been firing.

I forget how it came up, but I ended up telling him about a challenge I'd had earlier in the day at work that had been particularly frustrating.

He responded by telling me (in a baby voice) to imagine that I was sitting on his lap, and that he was giving me a back rub.  I interrupted him to tell him that I don't know him and don't want to sit on his lap.  He kept going, and described the whole assault massage and where his hands would go.  I remained completely silent throughout, and then reminded him that we've never met, and that we are a long ways away from being where he seemed to think we are.

Needless to say, I don't think things will work out with him.


  1. Lol. I think trusting your spidey senses is wise. Creepy

  2. Sweet Jesus I am glad I am old lady!
    That is beyond creepy.
    Please be careful!

  3. OMG the guy is nuts. I hope you have heard the last of him.

    BTW these posts are very entertaining for an outsider. Glad to not be living this out in real life. Hope you find some good apples among the horrid ones.