Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big V and Little V

Big V upon arrival.  She'd just woken up, and was a little stunned at first.

It wasn't long before she settled in, and she and the giraffe made some yummy carrot water and cat soup for us all.

 Look at that smile!

Little V!  I got to hold her for most of the night, which made me very happy but made for limited picture taking abilities.

The only restriction that I was given was to not break her.  Which is pretty darned reasonable, but harder than it seems.   She hasn't grown any bones yet, so she flops around a lot.

And I spent the first hour or so trying to straighten her out, until I finally clued in that the zipper on her onesie was sewn on diagonally across her body.  

Then we both relaxed, hung out and had some carrot water.


  1. oooooh, I just want to touch her! And I'd love to play tea with big V!

    So far, one of my grandbabies is to be a boy, so I'm hoping the other one decides to be a girl! Girls are such fun!

    My word= undma