Monday, July 25, 2011

It's about time.

It was a long time coming, but Tallulah Belle Poodle finally got her new collar.

The old was was pretty ratty.  People were saying that her mama doesn't love her because she dresses her in rags.  Not true.  I just couldn't find a collar that was worthy of my girl.

I feel pretty strongly that dogs' collars have to suite them, and reinforce their personalities.  Sure, they could wear plain nylon collars every day, but I equate that to women wearing granny panties.   I've always thought of a good quality collar with embellishment to reflect the dog's personality as being the same as a woman wearing sexy lingerie.  Chances are, very few will notice, but it makes the dog (or the woman) feel good about herself. 

Tallulah needed something that declared her as a fabulous female from a distance.  I think this one does the trick.  It's maybe not as flamboyant as I originally planned, but it's fun, classic and a little unusual... kind of like her.

I think she likes it.

Cotton, on the other hand, sat on the sidelines and mocked her.    He's been wearing the same Harley Davidson collar for eight years, and he thinks that spikes are way better than silly purple heart studs any day.

It shows everybody how tough he is.

As if they couldn't see that already.


  1. Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington have nuthin' on Talu.

    P.S. TOTALLY agree with you on the underwear thing - there should be a girl-law against granny panties!

  2. Red does not wear a collar because he's all Danny DeVito or Al Pachino, because you're right a collar must match the dog.

  3. AHAHAHAHAHA! Granny panties/collars! I'm dying here!!!

  4. Hey! I wear Granny Panties! Well kind of-Jockey Elance. Tah-lu-lah-lu-lah looks very stylish in her new collar. Bea Arthur would have approved!

  5. oh, there's 2. Tallulah! I had a black poodle growing up. He always had a bow on his head.