Sunday, July 17, 2011

My day with the boys

I was in Edmonton yesterday, and spent the day with my nephews.  First, we went to the farmer's market.

All this came from local organic farms.

Then I took the nephews to the Street Performers Festival.  I got a wee bit of a sunburn.

It was hot enough that I let them talk me into buying them each $5 non-alcoholic margaritas (AKA Slushies).

Really, they just wanted the funky cups that the drinks came in.

Then we stopped off at a workshop where the boys got juggling lessons.  That was the highlight of the day.

Neither has mastered it quite yet, but they're both absolutely sure that they will be experts momentarily.    
(Carma - I showed them your video when we got home and now they want to be just like you and your son.)

The boys and their parents are moving to British Columbia next week.  I'm going to miss them.


  1. Awww! Sounds like a fun day. I so miss my nephews!

  2. Juggling and juggling, hope you still get to see them often even after the move.

  3. Sounds like a great day (aside from your sunburn) that they are moving. You're a fun auntie!

  4. Awww Janice, sorry they are moving. I know how you love them and love being with them. What a great day you had. It is too dang hot here to go anyWHERE outside! Sorry about the sunburn. Owie.

  5. What a great day! My youngest, the Skater, is a pretty good juggler. He really enjoyed it when he was a boy.

    Glad you had a good day. Sorry about the burn. Similar story here, spending time with my Girl by the pool and got a pretty good burn myself. Worth it though.

  6. OMG - this is so awesome!!!! (not to sound like a tween) -- I had a big smile when I saw the juggling part - and then your comment :D I'm glad you had a happy day and hope you are applying lots of aloe.

  7. hey, we need to get into that $5 slushie business. They sell them at the local gas station here for $1.20 my son informed me today -- but without the fancy cup...