Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Over on Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, I got the fantabulous idea to paint little Canadian flags on my toes.

I bought the red nail polish.

I bought the white nail polish pen, to assist with the drawing of the little tiny Maple Leaves on my toes.

Can you say FAIL?

Granted, yesterday was not one of my most steady days, but I encountered some difficulties.
I had a wee case of the shakes.

For the record, the red on top of my foot came from the hem of my pants when I tried to walk before my toes were dry.    I'm not that bad.

But.  It was bad enough that I decided I needed some help.  I went down the road to "Lovely Nails", where the truly lovely vietnamese ladies there had a good giggle at my expense and then cleaned me up.  I knew I must have been a mess, because they let me soak in their wonderful foot bath jet machine thingy for a good half an hour.  Then I got a foot massage, and then they convinced me that a good pedicure should last a month - and that Canada Day will be over soon.

We went for purple instead of red.

And they stayed within the lines.


  1. I admit, I laughed out loud (after the initial shock of thinking someone slaughtered your toes).
    Love the purple!

  2. when I first looked at the pics - I thought - wow! she really fixed things up well!!

    Your nails came out lovely. At least now you know of one career option you should probably never contemplate ;-)

  3. I am with Sam and laughing out loud all by myself on the couch at five in the morning. But after you got them all fixed up, I have to tell you, those are some very nice painted toesies!