Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I had visitors today.  Two very well behaved little girls came  with their mama to hang out for a while.  I took loads of pictures, but forgot to ask again if I'm allowed to post them.  I hope she'll say yes, but until then, this is all that I can show you.

Ruffled Bums Make Me Smile.


  1. Ruffled Baby Bums make me smile too. Yup, you can share some photos...as long as they don't include me shudder shudder.
    We had a blast tonight, thank you so much for having us over on such short notice. Giraffe is getting lots of love. Thanks for running Piggy out to the truck, you might have had us back at the house in the middle of the night for him!
    Mmmmm puffed wheat squares.


  2. How cute is that bum!?
    Very cool that you two (four) got to visit..can't wait for pics!

  3. "Ooooh!" she says in an awe-inspired whisper, "That's somebody's grandbaby!"