Saturday, July 2, 2011

For the first time ever...

I got big juicy strawberries from my garden - before the robins wrecked them. This was a great surprise, because usually the robins come along when I'm not looking, take a bite out of each berry and leave the rest to rot.  This year, I got there first.

Then I went across the road, and stole some more from my neighbour's garden.

Mine were better.

(The neighbours are on vacation, and said I could help myself while they are gone.)


  1. That photo looks like an Impressionist painting!

  2. You are very lucky! We didn't see one berry this year because those stinkin' gray squirrels ate them all! So, how were they eaten? I know you aren't a fan of heavy cream, so were they eaten naked? The berries, you know what I meant!!! Dipped in sugar? A little powdered sugar? Dipped in CHOCOLATE? Damn I can't type on CH's keyboard.

  3. Naked, RR! Berries with this much flavour don't need help at all.

  4. Oh man! Color me jealous that you got to your strawberries before the birds. I have the same problem with the robins. But now I see the solution...steal someone else's! LOL

  5. Congratulations, but just so you know taste testing is not stealing.