Saturday, July 30, 2011

Storm Clouds

Some storm clouds from yesterday's excitement.  In about 20 minutes, it went from a clear sky to this, and the temperature dropped 15C before it came down in sheets for another 20 minutes.

In Quebec, I learned a very charming turn of phrase to describe the kind of rain that we got after these clouds blew in:

Il pleut comme un vache espagnol qui piss.  My spelling and grammer might not be 100%... it's been almost 20 years, but that roughly translates to "It's raining like a pissing Spanish cow."

No, I don't know if Spanish cows pee harder than others; but regardless, you should get out of the way.

My dad's house, about 15 minutes away, was hammered long and hard with golfball sized hail, but luckily that didn't make it over here.  My car is still parked outside because all the flooding has meant that the cleanup crew hasn't been back to take everything from the garage back to the basement.  If I'd have had to submit another insurance claim because my car was damaged in the hail, I'd have been miffed.

And then, as fast as it arrived,  it passed.

And the beasts went back to their sun beams.


  1. Scary storm clouds!!
    I'm hoping the basement didn't flood, right?

  2. Janice those are some rumbly nasty storm clouds, thank heavens no hail on your car. Enough. What is with the ding dang weather? I am sorry your dealing with the basement stuff! Would telling you that we pulled an 8inch tapeworm out of Izzy's butt be TMI or make you or me feel a little better? Ewwwwwwwwwww!

  3. Ewwww! is right, Pix! That puts it all in perspective - get that cat some deworming pills!

    The basement is still dry. I'm going a little crazy, because everything has been taken apart but nothing has been put back together. I've got spare furniture all over the house and tonnes of boxes in the garage. It was so bad that I eventually dragged what I could to the spare room (the floors were too cluttered to vacuum, so my allergies started to go nuts.) I don't blame the clean up crew - they've been going non-stop with all the floods in the area, but I want it done. Since I can't carry things downstairs (head injury and balance issues) I'm thinking of asking some friends to do it for me, and charge the insurance company for all the pizza and beer they can eat.

  4. Great pictures of the storm clouds! I especially like the one with the sun coming out.

    Glad there was no hail on you.

  5. What marvelous storm photos! You have a real talent with your camera. A brief thunder and lightening shower here this morning. It dropped the temp' by at least 10 degrees. Aside from having to give Katie a Benadryl to calm her during the thunder, the respite was wonderful! Glad you didn't suffer any damage!

  6. My sister and I got caught on the highway somewhere near Alberta when one of those clouds went over and we thought we were going to die.

  7. LOL, Linlah. Lots of people think Banff is in BC, even Albertans.