Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Into the Ether

Yesterday, I had three jobs. Sand/stain (oil based stain) the closet doors. Paint the cupboard and mirror (latex paint) for the bathroom. Install light in the bathroom.

  • I got home, and changed into my painting clothes.
  • I went down to the basement and painted with the latex.
  • I put the latex brushes and supplies away.
  • I came upstairs took the brush for the oil stain out of the freezer, gathered the other supplies I'd need and went out to the garage. I sanded the doors
  • My dad arrived to check out the progress that I've made, as well as to act as my third arm when installing the light fixture. (How anybody manages to hold the fixture up, and wire it in place at the same time is beyond me.)
  • After my dad left, I went to stain the doors; but I'll be darned if I could find that brush.
It had vanished into the Ether. I checked the garage, the basement, the bathroom, both freezers and the fridge. Heck, I even checked my car. I looked for over an hour, but that paint brush is nowhere to be found. So, I did the only thing I could think of.

I gave up and walked the dogs.

Tonight, after work, I stopped at the Mecca (AKA Home Depot) and picked up another paint brush. It's a good thing that it was the brush for oil paints that I lost, or I'd have had to tack on another $15 onto my bathroom budget.

By the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, I need to admit that the new light fixture for the $150 bathroom project cost $75. That leaves me $35 over budget. So, the $150 bathroom project has now been officially renamed to the $200 bathroom project. That way, when I am finished in a few days from now, I'm hoping to be able to brag about coming in $15 under budget.


  1. That's a clever way to stay under budget.

  2. I like your budget concept. I have something I want to propose to CH using your unique budgeting. It is picture takin' related.

    You know I am wanting to see THE fixture.

  3. Hey - thanks guys! I went to accounting school for three whole years to learn about things like budgets. I'm sure I do my profs proud.