Friday, September 9, 2011

Best. Fundraiser. Ever

The lady who grooms my dogs also raises chicken on the side.  This has become a passion of sorts, and she's a big supporter of humanely raised chickens - ie - they don't live in little tiny cages all their lives.    She's become active with local groups in the area and is helping to organize a big poultry show.

They need sponsors for the show and were thinking of ways to raise money, and I think they came up with a great idea.

It's called "Pass the Rooster".

One of her roosters is particularly chatty  loud obnoxious.   They'll be working with the local radio station, and dropping off the rooster at places of businesses first thing in the morning.  The radio station will give them a call (on the air) and they'll be informed that the rooster has to stay until they raise $300 to have him removed.  Until they do, it'll be nothing but cock-a-doodle doo.  People can then call or go in to the businesses to make donations to help remove the rooster, or they can call into the radio station, who will be checking in with the business regularly during his stay.

They plan to do this every day for a week.  Obviously, they'll have the approval of the big-wigs at the business, to make sure that nobody gets into trouble, but I think it's supposed to be a surprise for the rest of their staff.  In the meantime, the poultry club makes some money, the businesses get free advertising on the radio, and the radio station gets some laughs.  I think it's genius.

Moosepants - do you know of a medical clinic that might enjoy a rooster for a few hours in their reception area?


  1. OMG! How clever is that? I love it!

  2. The husband is a big party pooper. He says no way, I said ask the other docs, and he did the pretend to put the foot down motion. I, however thought it would be a great idea! Boo-urns to him.

    I hope that they can get lots of offices to help out!