Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working from Home

  • The commute can't be beat.  I haven't filled my car up with gas in a month.
  • After much fiddling and rearranging, I have the office set up for now.  I had to move from the old office into the spare room to get away from the sunlight, but then I had to move the desk to make room for the armoire to go back where it was before all this.  A certain cat was scratching it up while trying to launch himself to the top.  Now the desk is wedged in the corner against the bed, but that's not all bad.  As a trade off for the tight space, I almost always have a critter sleeping on the bed, within arms reach as I work.
  • The one thing I really missed from the office (besides the people) is the two monitors that I have at my desk there.  Insurance said that I could replace the monitor that was damaged in the flood, and get a second monitor instead of another computer. What I really didn't expect is for technology to have come so far, and prices to go down so low.  The items that were damaged are no longer available, and so I got bigger and better for less than half the original price.  (And Insurance pays anyway.)  Not bad!  
  • One example of an upgrade was that my crappy dot-matrix printer has been replaced with an all in one wireless  Kodak inkjet printer. My dad got one a few months ago and has never managed to get it set up on his network.  I opened mine up, read the directions, and had it set up in 5 minutes thankyouverymuch!  Next stop is to go to my dad's place to help him read the instructions.
  • Another example would be my monitors, for which I had to search pretty hard to find "only" 20" screens.  The only downside of the two bigger monitors is that they take up so much room on my desk, the Mac (my personal computer) had to move to the kitchen.  I'm currently sitting on the far side of the island, typing this with a wireless keyboard that's so far from the computer, the words are a blur.  Please excuse any typos.
  • As a means of dealing with my own wandering mind and tendency to multitask, I am keeping a running list of things I'll do on my breaks.  Anytime I'm tempted to pop up and do something that's not work, I write it down.  I've never looked so forward to breaks in my life.

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  1. Two monitors rock the work world, a co-worker said once you go two you never go back.