Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cranky Old Man

Winter had an appointment for his annual checkup at the vet today.  I stopped vaccinating the pets a few years ago (personal choice, and with the support of their vet), so the annual checkups involve them going to the vet's office, being weighed, being checked for unusual lumps or soreness under the guise of getting pats and cuddles, and then me answering questions.  Not so stressful you'd think, eh?

Himself had other thoughts.  When I put the crate at the front door, he climbed into it on his own as he usually does (it's really Cotton's crate, so that was a little underhanded on my part).  He didn't cry or meow on the car ride.  He didn't make  peep in the waiting room.  But, when we went into the exam room and opened the crate to take him out, he drew the line.  Winter would not come out of the crate.

He hissed.  He spat.  He swatted.  When we reached in to pull him out, he bit.  When I tried to take the lid off the crate, he did all of the above.

I'm sure we could have donned ourselves in chainmail and forced him out, but neither the vet nor I wanted to do that. She reminded me that he had been in for a checkup in March when he'd had a bladder infection, and said that she'd done a fairly thorough exam then.  We decided to leave him there.

Winter got a free pass, but I didn't.  I spent $50 and 90 minutes on this little adventure.


  1. Punk is 6 pounds..6 pounds of hellfire and wrath at the vet. I completely feel for you.
    (and I always get charged even if the exam tanks)
    I keep asking myself why I have three cats.

  2. Janice, what is it with cats? They just get so inflexible. Home is home, don't make me go anywhere else and don't let three men come to my quiet country house and use multiple chainsaws and a wood chippa. We both needed Valium(Iz didn't really have any)and then the bucket on the truck broke and they have to come back again!!!!!!!!!! Winter was so good on the approach to the Vet cause he knew he would not be exiting that crate. Izzy has gotten her boosters for all the required shots. I may do one more year and after that no more. Rabies yes.

  3. Oh, boy do I know what you mean, Pix! The vet was saying that cats really do best with home visits, rather than going into the vet. Unfortunately, she's too busy to do those anymore, and I like her too much to find another vet.

    As for the workers at your place, I understand. Home is our sanctuary, and those workers mess with our chi, as well as our peach and quiet. I hope they finish at your place soon.