Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finicky Feline

Winter's kidneys are borderline.  They don't cause him problems, but tests have always come back so close to the problematic line that vets are surprised that he's as healthy as he is.  So, last week when the vet asked me what he eats, I hung my head in shame.  He eats a popular brand of kibble that isn't great for him, especially with his kidneys.

I excused the poor nutrition by explaining that He Won't Eat Anything Else.   He won't.  He has his fairly healthy canned food, of which he'll eat *one* flavour.  But, he's eaten the same kibble all his life, regardless of how many other brands I've brought home and begged him to eat.  He'll eat what he likes, and that's it.

So, when the vet said to me that I should try this other food because it'd be better for him, I scoffed.  No way he'll eat that, I said.    Just try it, she said... see what he thinks.  I really thought (and said) that taking home a sample was a waste of her food.  It was just going to go straight into the garbage.

Keeping in mind that Winter refused to come out of the crate for the entire vet visit, and wasted $50 of my money, you can understand that he wasn't in my good books.  I cleared his feeding station of his kibble and his canned food, and left him a few morsels of the new kibble.

The damn cat ate them all.

Then he went on a hunger strike and refused to eat anything else but the sample food..

Today, I finished off the last of the sample kibble, and he wouldn't even look at the food he used to eat. So, I begrudgingly drove across town - during rush hour - to buy him some more.  They were out of the smaller bags, so I had the choice of driving home empty handed and letting my cat starve, or dropping another $50 on a 10 pound bag of kibble that will last 6 months.

Guess who turned his nose up at the new food once I got home.

We are not amused.


  1. I let out a little scream of laughter. Did you hear it?

  2. AHAHA! Yes, I know that expression all too well! And yes, I was waiting for the moment you said he wouldn't eat it.

    My dogs eat very good, pricey food.
    The cats? Junk food, urinary tract health version.
    Not my choice..they turned 3 collective noses up at all the superfood brands I tried.
    I gave up.

  3. I laughed. And then I laughed again, because cats are just funny. Bratty, snooty and totally obnoxious, but so very funny.

    I hope he comes around. I'm thinking if you left it in his bowl for days and days, he'd come around. They will not starve themselves to death over kibble. We just think they will.

  4. Pets are like children, they'll eat whatever is placed in front of them when hungry.

    Be the hold out.