Friday, September 30, 2011

Walk in the Park

A friend and I took our dogs for a walk in a local park, and the leaves are so pretty when they're changing, I brought the camera along.   

This is the oldest house in the city.  At some point - 30+ years ago - it was lifted up and hauled across the river.  Now it's in the middle of this park.

I love this bench.  O'Canada

I wanted a pictures of Tallulah with the flowers.  She wanted to go play.

No real explanation of this one.  I just thought it was pretty.


  1. nice pics! that bench was cute!

  2. Do you think they can pick up that house one more time and move it to my yard?

  3. That's a pretty house. Can you go inside? Or does someone live there?

  4. Dawn - the house isn't open for anybody to walk in, but you can rent it for functions. I was in it a number of times as a kid.