Saturday, October 1, 2011

I should buy a lottery ticket

It seems that I'm on the gov't statistical radar lately.

A few months ago, my  name was randomly drawn for a census of sorts.  I received a letter from the federal gov't, stating that I'd soon receive a visit from one of their own who would be asking me questions about my employment.  I was legally required to answer those questions truthfully then, and during the next four monthly followup calls as well.  I guess it hasn't been too horrible; I just have to answer a bunch of silly questions, like if I've changed jobs, taken any vacation or sick time or what shade of blue my socks were on Tuesday.

I'm not sure that I understand the benefit of collecting this information, but that's fine. There's only one more of these calls coming in, so everything will go back to normal... nobody will care about the details of my job but me.

Except, I picked up the mail today, and saw that I had a letter from the Health department in the Provincial gov't.  My name has been randomly drawn again.  This time, I've been chosen as a lab rat of sorts, wherein the gov't will be gathering any and all data collected regarding any cervical cancer screening that I have done over the next three years.

They sent two pages of info about cervical cancer, its prevention and the importance of regular testing.   I understand the purpose of the study, but can't say that I agree with their tactics.  Apparently, I don't have to answer any questions or take calls; they'll just snag the info directly the labs and dr's offices that I visit.

If I don't wish to take part in this study, I've been instructed to contact my family doctor so that they can explain the importance of cervical cancer screening.  That's the only option provided.   No where in those two pages does it provide me with a way to opt out of this study.    Except, there's a catch: I wouldn't couldn't participate, even if I wanted to.

As of last March, I no longer have the necessary parts.  So, the gov't is not just going to invade my privacy, they're doing it all for nothing.  That's our tax dollars at work, folks.     It makes me so proud.


  1. Not only's STUPID!

  2. crazy!!! I can related about the census though - I've been picked twice now for a random "special survey" that is not required but I discovered if you do not complete it they will hound you with phone calls until you do :-(