Friday, October 7, 2011

Long Weekend Ramble

  • Today was the sad day that I packed up all my sandals and open toed shoes, and pulled out the cold weather - I can wear socks under these - shoes.
  • I came upon a woman this afternoon who was standing in the rain beside her car and madly waving me down.  When I stopped, she explained that she'd locked her purse and keys in her vehicle, and asked me to call her husband for her.  I did.  After she got off the call, she offered me money.  Who would think that a payment would be required for something as simple as that?
  • As much as I love the Nest Chair, it occurred to me today that a day bed might be the more responsible choice.
  • I am somebody who always runs a little cold, and I'm very sensitive to the temperature.  If it drops even a degree or two in the house, I know.  I wish I could be one of those people who could keep their house at 18C all the time, but I can't.  It doesn't matter how many layers I wear, I can't stop shivering at anything less than 21C (Room Temperature).  
  • It's been cold outside lately, about 10C most days.  All week this week, I've been FreezingCold.  I keep checking the thermostat to confirm that the temp was at 21C, which it is, but it's been so bad that I've been giving serious thought to wearing a toque and some mitts.  I can't decide if I've been that cold because of the drop in the weather outside, or if the new spray foam insulation isn't working.  I hope it's the weather, and the cold is all in my head.  If the thermostat says 21C, then it wouldn't be the insulation, would it?
  • Today, I went up the chain with the insurance company.  I talked to four people in Quebec, a lady in Ottawa, somebody in Calgary and then a very nice lady in in Vancouver.  She promised to look into my concerns and call me back, which she did.  She can't promise me how long it'll take to process my claim, but she did track down a copy of the receipt from when I bought the computer equipment to work from home (which is replacing items destroyed in the flood.)  She promised me that I'd have a cheque in 7-10 days.


  1. NoooOOOOoooo get the nest chair!

    It's 63 here, and I am FREEZING to death. I think we're experiencing *not ready for winter*.

    Get the nest chair.

    I'm thrilled you'll have your $ within 7-10 days. About damned time!

    And lastly, Nest Chair.

  2. It's a shame you don't have an opinion my seating options, Sam!

    I was talking to my dad today, who is usually the responsible one in the family. He pointed out that I'd probably use the Nest chair fairly regularly, even if it's not something I expect to keep 20+ years. A love seat would come in handy the few times a year that I have more guests that my guest room can handle, but he didn't think I'd use it like I'd use the nest chair.

  3. I agree. Nest chair. Who says you have to responsible about every little thing? Live a little! And if I come to visit, I would much rather curl up on that than a daybed.

    It's starting to get cool enough here to ditch the sandals. Dammit. I hate winter shoes. In Texas I could go almost all winter without having to wear winter shoes. *sigh*