Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

This is an old picture - back from before digital cameras and crazy poodles were in our lives.

Today is my favorite holiday - it's all about gluttony and greed!  Actually, to me, it's all about watching and enjoying the excitement in kids' eyes.  I'm not all that much of a kid person, but I do really enjoy watching their faces when they come to my door.  I, and many of my neighbours, like to get into the spirit of things.  Many decorate their houses, and most of us are known to give out a fair bit of loot.  That, and the fact that we're in a fairly large close (read - safe) near a whack of schools has meant that we've expanded from 30 some odd kids the first year that I lived here to about 150.

Which, I've got to admit, can be felt in the pocket book.  I shopped around some, but ended up trying something new this year.  Normally, I give out a bag of chips and two small chocolate bars to each kid.  But, the chips and bars are getting smaller and the prices are going up.  What used to be a generous serving seems pretty puny to me, and it costs about a buck a pop.  So, when I compared prices and realized that it wasn't any more expensive to buy full-sized chocolate bars at Costco, that's what I did.  I now have a pile of 150 chocolate bars in my front foyer.

Please, God, don't let this be the year that I only get 12 kids.

Some people are all scroogey about Halloween.  They resent having the kids tromping across their lawn and knocking on their doors.  Me?  I'd prefer that they stay off of the lawn, and I'll be quick to tell them to get the heck out of my gardens.  But, with all the bad things that kids could be up to lately, if they want to come to my door and ask for candy once a year, I say that they are welcome.


  1. The littlest trick or treaters are my favorite. The 14 year olds in skinny jeans and a torn t-shirt get on my nerves, at least wear a costume! but at least I give away all the candy.

  2. I would be thrilled to have ANY trick or treaters..I don't care if they are old enough for social security.
    We don't get a single one Out Here.

  3. We don't get any trick or treaters either-zero, none, zip, nada. Too dark and scary out here! If somebody would show up I'd have to pry the m&m bag out of CH's hands and give them each an m&m.

  4. How could I forget to tell Cotton he makes a cute Lil' Devil!

  5. Hey, Pix. Not having kids come to your house doesn't make you a scrooge. It's the people who live in the city, who have lots of kids go by but turn off their lights and hide. Even worse are the families who take their own kids out trick or treating and then refuse to hand any out.