Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Insurance Companies are Omniscient

Summary of an email string between the insurance lady and I today:

I received the first cheque for $X today.  Thank you! Unfortunately, it did not come with an explanation for how this amount was reached.  So far, I've sent you four receipts:

  1. Receipt 1 for $_______
  2. Receipt 2 for $_______ 
  3. Receipt 3 for $_______
  4. Receipt 4 for $_______

No matter how I add up these items, or combinations of some of these items, I don't come to $X.  Can you please break it down for me to explain what this cheque was intended to cover?  

Insurance Lady:
Hi, Janice,    That was for the receipts you submitted.

The mystery has been solved, people. You can all relax now.


  1. Well.
    Your insurance company is obviously owned by my propane company.

  2. Bah! that stinks. If I am reading right.It is past my bedtime and I am getting sleepy.