Monday, October 3, 2011

Stage One

I'd like to show you my new library, but this is a very slow process.  The insurance company hasn't processed my claim yet, and they're choosing not to return my calls, so I'm at the planning stage.

In the decision about the chairs, I was leaning towards the Nest Chair, but still waffling a little bit.  That is, until I found Winter a nest chair of his own.

  At the drug store, no less.  On sale, for 40% off.

And so, because I'm so easily swayed by pet decor, I've decided to go with the Nest Chair.  I'm thinking of something in a deep red, or olive green to best show off my angora cat's white hair.
(Please God, let me come to my senses between now and when the insurance claim is processed.)

I already had pet portraits in the room, but thanks to some assistance from the Zadge, I have a new addition:
It's still on the floor because I'm waiting until the room is furnished before I hang it up.

Since I'm going to turn the room into a library, I've been looking at shelving.  I'm thinking of something about 40" high, almost all the way around the room.  I really like cubbies, but am worried that some items or books won't fit into a 12" by 12" square.  So, right now, I'm thinking of making something myself... something that's a mix between this:

The second picture came from Ana, where she has free patterns for DIY Furniture.    I'll probably make a few variations of this, to work in both cubbies and shelves, but three layers high.  

So, those are the plans.  I'm raring to go, but am waiting for the insurance company.  If anybody knows how to light a fire under them, I'd sure appreciate some ideas.   Until then, the front room of my house is empty, taunting me with ideas.


  1. So, you're going with the It'll Clash With My Current Decor Nest Chair?

    I can't condone this irresponsible decision.

  2. Love the Nest. Love a shelved library room. But please tell me you are *not* going to go the pink polka dot route. Please.

  3. Oh I truly adore when companies we PAY for just this reason mess around..grrrrr...
    Don't have a clue how to light a fire under them.

  4. Susan - it does clash, but it'll be in a different room. I think that'll make it OK.

    Zadge - there will be no polka dots or pink.

    Sam, too true. I'm contemplating switching insurance co's over this, but don't know than another company would be any better.

  5. Good Morning Janice! You know I am loving the picture of Winter in his new bed. It looks as if he has some golden highlights from the golden refection of the basket. That kitty got a great forever home! I know nothing about the decorating stuff, I lack decorating skills. I like the brown stained cubbies :)