Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is where I reiterate my desire for a macro lens.

Or castigate myself for being too lazy to go inside and get the telephoto lens.

I love ladybugs.  I don't know why, because I generally dislike bugs.  But, ladybugs make me happy.  I get excited every fall when the congregate in the yard.  This year, they're hear in groves.  There are thousands of them, everywhere you look.

This one was an oops shot.    The sun was coming down, and the flash didn't go off, so all I got was a silhouette.  Even so, can you count the lady bugs?  I don't know if I can find them all, but I took that shot because there was at least 15 in that plant.



  1. I love 'em, too.
    I also love the fact those teeny round fatties are vicious garden predators...makes me giggle.

  2. We have ladybug imposters. Asian/Japanese Beetles. Oddly enough they showed up yesterday all over the house and a few in the house. This will become a battle between me and them with CH having to endure my whining until they all find their way into our house to winter over in the attic and under our siding. They will be all over everything with their stink and orange death squiggles of goo. I love real ladybugs but the Asian Beetle has almost totally kicked our real ladybugs out of the state. Still, some very nice shots of those little orange bugs.