Monday, October 10, 2011


The stairs finally went today, after much preparation and delay.

We took a break between getting the stairs up and adding the bannister, and tested them to see what the dogs thought.

Cotton hates changes.  HATES it, so it'll be an adjustment for a while.  The first time down, he needed some assistance from my dad at the top while I cheered him on from below.

Tallulah wasn't thrilled the first time down, but seemed to love how easy they were for her to run up.  As soon as she got to the top, she turned around and went back down so that she could run up them again.

Cotton's still objects quite strongly to going up the stairs, which is the main purpose for the upgrade... to make them easier for him.   It's the change that he objects to, though, not the stairs.  I know, because if I put him on the first or second step, he finds his way to the top pretty quickly.

  Flying puppy!

Later, after we finished, I tried bribing him with cookies to see if he'd start the stairs on his own.

Maybe mind control will bring the cookie to me?

Nah, you better come get me.

I am sorry to report that at his point, he's willing to wait longer than I am.  I know it'll come eventually, but dangit, I worked hard today!  I just wanted to go in and put my feet up, so I went down and got him.

I'm going to order some glow in the dark non-slip tape  for the stairs.  I'm hoping those will help him even more.

PS -  If you're on Facebook, look up  Kimberly Kelly Santini - she's painting a portrait of Tallulah from a photo that I took, and has the in progress shots posted there.  Or, the finished piece is HERE on her blog.


  1. That last shot shows so much joy. "Look mom, I can do it"

  2. Why exert the effort to go up the stairs when they know we will come pick them up eventually? I know, because I have to do this with Harry sometimes. Of course, Harry weighs about 70 pounds more than Cotton. Urgh.

  3. The stairs look great.
    Cotton's little flying bum made me laugh out loud.

  4. Janice the steps look great and the little white butt of that flying puppy is darling and tickles me! I swear Tallulah looks like Bea Arthur taking those steps ;)