Saturday, November 12, 2011

Library - Stage two.

Now that I have the go-ahead from insurance to start replacing my stuff, I moved on to the next step in the Library project.  I bought some book shelves.   Believe it or not, they came from Home Depot.  They're solid pine, and were dirt cheap.

It took me four hours - each - to put them together.  

I'm generally leery of any furniture that starts off in flat pack form, and these proved me right.    Screws were bent.  Pilot holes were drilled in the wrong spot.  The instructions made no sense.  But.  These were the closest that I could find to what I had in mind, and the price was right.  I think they look OK now that they're together.

I'd appreciate input on a few things:

  • There are wood panels to go across the backs of these bookshelves (seen in this picture).  Structurally, they aren't necessary, and I can't decide if they'll make the room seem to dark without them.  What do you think, put them on or leave them?
  • Cotton's picture is going in the same general area, only nailed a little higher instead of propped against the wall.  With that in mind, should I get rid of the airplane?  It has sentimental value, but could probably be moved somewhere else if it makes the wall seem too busy.

Other than the shelves, I'm replacing the curtains in the room.  Currently, there are white sheers hanging in the window.  They're too short, and don't provide enough privacy.  Yesterday, I stumbled upon some pre-made 9' high curtains that will go perfectly with the new seating in the room.

Oh yeah, I picked out the new seating for the room yesterday.  I realized when I saw it that it was exactly what I had in mind and decided then and there to put in an order.  You kind of have to see it to believe it, but I'll give you a hint... it's not a nest chair.

Now, I need to start gathering the books  that are spread all over the house and turn this room into a library.


  1. Only thing I am thinking about the shelves is if you don't put the back on the books will always be all wonky and wanting to slide away from you while you are trying to grab a book. At the library I go nuts, kind of like Monk. No problem if the shelves are against the wall. My OCD self likes my books all neat in a row setting against the back of the shelf. If that is not a crazy making thing for you no problem. I like the look of them now without the back they look very nice. If you like the airplane in the room and it's near and dear to you I say keep it there with Cutie Cotton. Love the transom window.

  2. That's a very good point, Pix. I started loading up some books and magazines tonight, and already I was getting squirrely about my inability to straighten them out without a back to line them up. Methinks the back panels will be attached tomorrow.

  3. I agree with Pix about the back needing to be there to hold the books up, although it is pretty without them.

    Maybe the airplane could go on another wall?

    Love, LOVE, Cotton's picture.