Monday, November 14, 2011

The Nest Chair...

...didn't happen.

As much as I love the idea of the nest chair, I had too many questions.  I've learned that when I have a lot of questions about a purchase, those questions are actually doubts.  And, there really were a lot of questions.

After insurance finally processed my claim, I went to the store (again) and sat on the nest chair (again) to mull it over.  I realized that I had something else in mind.  I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew I had to look.  So, I hit a few stores.

Eventually, the heavens did open and the angels did sing.  I found what I'd been picturing in my mind.  Right away, I knew that's what I wanted.  

So, I picked out the material, decided on the wood finish and went to make the order... only be to be told that somebody had already custom ordered exactly what I wanted.  They'd paid a deposit, made the order and then walked away.  What's the chance of that???

Meant to be, I tell you.  So, I made it mine.

Behold, the new lounge chair:

Already, the fluffy ones are fighting over who gets to sleep on it.  This thing is uber comfy, folks.  All it needs is a cozy throw blanket, a cup of cocoa and a good book.  I can't wait until the new "library" is ready for it so that I can settle in and begin my hibernation.


  1. Well. It's not the nest chair, but I guess I approve! ;)

  2. Ooooooooo pretty


  3. I'd like to curl up there with my laptop or a good book if Winter would share with me!

  4. OMG, it's beautiful! Adf yes, totally meant to be! I'm happy you got just what you wanted.