Saturday, August 22, 2009

From the garden

I've been neglecting my gardens this year. After I finished digging in the new garden along the side of the house, I barely looked at them. Then, last night a storm blew in and blew over the sweet peas that I hadn't bothered to stake.

I went out tonight to tie them up, and promptly remembered something else that I haven't been doing this year. Most summers, I've got two or three bouquets of flowers from the garden in the kitchen all the time. This year, I hadn't thought to cut any flowers until tonight.

Granted, it's not the most artistically arranged bouquet; but it smells sooo good.

And check out the carnations. I never thought I'd be able to grow carnations around here. I only planted them because they were on the "we practically killed these plants so if you think you can revive them, they're yours" table at the Peavy Mart. I figured they might add some green to the garden, but had no expectations that they'd bloom. Turns out, I've got about 8 plants outside, chalk full of blooms that are about to burst.

I brought something else in from the gardens tonight too.

He likes to help me weed... and apparently eat dirt too.

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  1. Janice your flowers are beautiful, I can close my eyes and smell them. Mmmm. I like that odd white flower with the oreo cookie colored nose, I mean oreo cookie center! Beats the heck out of the cone center on my purple cone flowers. Much cuter :)