Monday, August 3, 2009

The lengths we go

The 8 pound beast is slowly driving me mad. Love him. Don't love what I'm becoming more and more certain is dementia. The lil dude is seriously stressed out, and apparently the very expensive happy pills aren't enough.

Somehow, I discovered that he's calmer when held really tightly. That led me to think of baby swaddling, and that led to anxiety wraps. I'm at the point where I'll try just about anything, but $60US is a lot of money on something that may or may not work for more than a day.

I was mulling this over a few nights ago when the lil dude had himself a doozy of a freak out. I couldn't settle him down, and I was desperate enough to try whatever came to mind. I pulled out a spool of self adhesive wrap/bandage that I had left over from when Tallulah had hurt her leg, and I wrapped him up in it, from head to toe. Amazingly, it calmed him down.

So, the next day I went out and bought a reusable tensor bandage, and he's been sporting it (in a slightly less mummy fashion) ever since. All's not right with his world quite yet, but it's an improvement.


  1. Janice you really are a good Cotton Mom. Cotton looks stylish in an odd kind of way, almost proud of his bandage outfit and his eyes look so much better than your earlier post. I would be a sad puddle of nerves by now. Valium and a glass of wine would be a requirement for me.

  2. maybe some childrens tylenol, but Rural is right he does look better.