Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The next project

Happy, Happy, Happy

I love a good DYI Project. Even better, I love doing it on the cheap.

I've got some vacation time coming up, and wasn't sure what I'd do. I've got a bunch of work that needs to be done around the house, but I wanted something fun too. Today, I found it.

My master bathroom is very builder's basic. It's also the last room in the house that I haven't yet redone to my taste. I've been eyeballing some ideas, but haven't had the budget or the time until now.

Today I found a discontinued sale on the things that I want. They're a little scratched up, but I planned to paint them to suit me anyway; so I took advantage of the further "damage" discounts. I got a tall, thin cabinet that I want to put on the wall to the side of the sink. I've seen those priced as high as $170... The one I got today was $20. Then, I got a framed mirror to replace the huge rectangular wall of mirror. The frame (and attached shelf below) are a different colour than the new cabinet, and have some more scratches; but when I paint them up they'll be great. Regularly $80... I got it for $40.

I've already got the paint I need, and found the linens (and TP basket) on sale a few weeks ago. If I manage to find a good light fixture at a reasonable price, I might be able to do the entire room for under $150.


  1. Are you going to show us before and after and holy kow - what a steal on the stuff you wanted.

  2. I will. I haven't got things out of the boxes (let alone the trunk of the car.) to take pictures yet.

    I can't do a true before and after on the room, since I've kind of been poking away at it for a few months; but I still expect that it will be fairly different from what it is now.